eChallenges e-2015 (25 - 26 October, Lithuania) was the 25th in a series of annual Technology Research and Innovation Conferences supported by the European Commission and hosted by national governments.

The goals of the eChallenges Conference Series are to promote Information Society and Applied ICT related knowledge sharing and innovation between public, private and education and research stakeholders, exchange experiences about the current state of eAdoption at a sectoral, national and regional level, stimulate rapid take-up of RTD results by industry and in particular SMEs, and identify opportunities for international research and innovation collaboration under Horizon 2020.

eChallenges Conference Series attracts senior policy makers, practitioners and researchers from leading commercial, government and research organisations around the world. Participants include Ministers, Director-Generals, Executive Vice-Presidents, senior and middle management, professors and graduate students, researchers, project managers and software engineers.

The eChallenges Community has a truly international perspective and continues to attract new delegates and presenters from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, who wish to participate in a prestigious global forum, share exploitable ICT research results, or exchange experiences about the current state of eAdoption in different countries around the world. The mix of delegates also ensures a strong focus on international research and innovation cooperation and commercialisation issues.

Each year the Host Country has the opportunity to showcase national innovation and research capacity. eChallenges is hosted by National, Regional and City Government, and sponsored by a mix of national and international commercial organisations. This allows lower registration fees to be offered to delegates and presenters representing Less Developed Countries.

Previous eChallenges Conferences: e-2003 – Bologna; e-2004 – Vienna; e-2005 – Ljubljana; e-2006 – Barcelona; e-2007 – The Hague; e-2008 – Stockholm; e-2009 – Istanbul; e-2010 – Warsaw; e-2011 – Florence; e-2012 – Lisbon; e-2013 – Dublin; e-2014 - Belfast, e-2015, Vilnius)